Suspense 2/2

In our next episode of SUSPENSE…two strangers in a bar get into a conversation regarding the secret true rulers of Earth- the Martians… ‘Don’t Look Now’, adapted for SUSPENSE by John C. Alsedek & Dana Perry-Hayes from the short story by Henry Kuttner, stars Daamen Krall, Catherine Kamei, and Rocky Cerda. So tune in Tuesday, February 2nd at 7:30pm Eastern and again at 7:30pm Pacific for this tale well-calculated to keep you in…SUSPENSE!

HSB 1/31

HSB 23 – ” 3 ON A MATCH”

Welcome to eighteenth century England, where romance is the name of the game.

Our story revolves around Lillian, a girl who is determined that she will never marry and so has put all her efforts into matching her friends, but her friends are both in love with the same man. Now Lillian must be very clever indeed for she may find her own match in the process.

Final Swing Museum show 1/30

Join, host, Jan Eberle for her final Swing Museum Broadcast… Saying good-bye to the Swing Museum with … My favorite things! 

HSB 1/24

HSB15: Rusty Laser & the Black Hole of Doom

Marvin the Merciless has struck again and young Rusty Laser’s parents have gone missing.Spaceman_lasersuit_cover Now it’s up to Rusty to save his parents and the galaxy in a thrilling adventure through space and time! Tune in for Music, Comedy and Lasertastic Fun

Syspense 1/19

In our next episode of SUSPENSE…while dueling with an older, more mature rival, a mad scientist finds that the two of them have much more in common than he realized… ‘This World’s Not Big Enough…’, written especially for SUSPENSE by John C. Alsedek & Dana Perry-Hayes, stars Drake Bell, Jonathan Goldstein, Adrienne Wilkinson, Janet Von, Sean Hackman, and Steve Moulton. So tune in Tuesday, January 19th at 7:30pm Eastern and again at 7:30pm Pacific for this tale well-calculated to keep you in…SUSPENSE!

Swing Museum 1/23

THIS WEEK … Join us for … The unforgettable songs of … Mr. Jerome Kern! 

HSB 1/17

HSB 01: Joe Dugan and the case of the Missing Pante’s.

Tune in to hear how it all began! Including music, comedy and the first of our noir detective downloadserials: Joe Dugan and the case of the missing pante’s.

HSB 1/10


ACTION! SUSPENSE! HILLARITY! Follow our unwitting heroes through the wild jungles of HSB26-DarkHeartofZuluLuluWebAfrica as they brave animals,cannibals, and witchdoctors in search of a mysterious and powerful artifact – The Dark Heart of Zulu Lulu.

Swing Museum 1/9

THIS WEEK … Join us for our celebration of the great composer … Irving Berlin! (, Saturday, 7:00 pm on both coasts)

Program Changes for 2016

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016!!!   Thank you for your continued support.   We have two program changes for this year:

POP CULTURE TONIGHT with Patrick Phillips moves from 7PM Monday to 6:30 PM Thursdays effective 1/6

MOSTLY MUSIC with David Cummings has a new name – ROCKIN IN RHYTHM.  Still the same time – 7pm Thursdays.

Hope your new year is great and thank you for helping us keep the music playing.