HSB 4/20

HSB 20: Arabella & the Knights

And they lived Happily Ever After. Sounds quite sweet doesn’t it? Yes, nothing says romance quite like a fairytale… Come on! Could that truly be all there is?HSB Clip art Helmet Man


Join us in our twisted medieval fairytale sequel to Sir Huey & the Dragon.

Just as Princess Arabella and Sir Huey were looking forward to their Happy Ending a mysterious illness strikes her father and forces the Princess to find a solution. She takes on the journey to save the King and takes with her….her best knight Sir Huey, The Wizard Bramble and our Hero that’s Super …Helmet Man! What crazy road blocks will they come across? Will they save the king? Does True love prevail? Will there ever be an ending that’s happy? Or an ever after? Find out Live this Sunday!