Dusty Records

4 pm PT on Thursdays

Dusty Danny

DUSTY RECORDS is a throw-back to radio of the 50s and 60s. DeeJay Dusty Danny mimics the style of radio personalities of that era with music of that genre. There is also a comedic look at the “special features” of radio of the past with the likes of Sturdivant Speedbump on traffic and Throckmorten TickerTape with financial developments.

These programs were recorded in mid-2000s and may reference events and holidays of that time period. Oh, and you can all relax….Dusty Danny references his “web cam” but it is no more. Thank your lucky stars.

And now, “Hi dee ho guys and gals, put your mittens on your kittens…….” its Dusty Danny and Dusty Records.